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FitCityFamily Features: Suzy Batiz of Poo-Pourri

Introducing a woman that hardly needs an introduction…

We had the opportunity to interview SUZY BATIZ of Poo-Pourri! You’ve probably heard her on some amazing podcasts like Almost30 and The Skinny Confidential, which is how we became obsessed with her story, her spunk and her product. This interview hits on everything we love about featuring people that are doing things to better themselves, their communities and the world at large. Get ready to be inspired!

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FitCityFamily Features: Leah Chavie

Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique is a research-inspired skin destination in Chicago, physically designed and fashioned with the most high-tech equipment and exclusive treatments on the market. We interviewed Leah herself, a 20+ year makeup artist and skincare professional, and got the full scoop. She’s such a sweetheart! We love her and we think you will too.

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FitCityFamily Features: Brittan Leiser from AdvisHER

Brittan Leiser is a Financial Advisor with One Seven, a Registered Investment Advisor in Beachwood, Ohio, and the creator of ‘AdvisHer’, a financial blog written specifically for women. Brittan created AdvisHER after realizing that so many of her female clients had similar concerns and questions about their finances. These women all were smart, accomplished, and successful in their own ways, but felt completely intimidated when discussing anything relating to finance. AdvisHer is designed to serve as an empowering, educational, and less overwhelming way for women to learn more about the wonderful world of personal finance.

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FitCityFamily Features: ChiTourGuide

Meet Alex & Jordan of @ChiTourGuide, a fitness & wellness blog + instagram created by two Chicago girls looking to inspire other women to lead a balanced lifestyle. They aim to show their REAL lives - the good, the bad, and the crazy - to inspire others to live their best life. Get the full scoop on the inspiration behind their blog, their go-to ways to stay fit, and their favorite ways to indulge!

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FitCityFamily Features: Daryn Schwartz of The Space Between

Welcome to our #FitCityFamily Features Series! We are excited to introduce you to some of the names we love in the health and wellness sphere.

Our featured guests all share our passion for health, fitness, acceptance and affinity for building community. They are movers, shakers, & inspirers. And we think you should know who they are!

First up is our friend Daryn Schwartz, founder and CEO of The Space Between Yoga, Chicago’s newest yoga studio. She’s living out her dream of opening a yoga studio, but we’ll let her dish on all the details…

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FitCityFamily Features | The Queen of the Cold - Sara Latham, Founder of CryoBar

If you've been following us for the past few months, you've probably noticed our recent obsession with cryotherapy.  We've told you why we are huge proponents and all the wonderful benefits of incorporating cryo into your life.  On this #WomanCrushWednesday, we would like to share the story of the woman behind The CryoBar, Sara Latham. 

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