When the Foam Roller is No Longer Cutting It...

My story with physical therapy is a tale as old as time.  I grew up in a household where chiropractic adjustments were a weekly occurrence, acupuncture was encouraged, and we had a specialty physician for every part of the body. My mom suffered from debilitating migraines for a few decades (God Bless her!), so fortunately for us, there was a large emphasis placed on healthcare, and my brother and I were introduced to specialty medicine at an early age.

In the summer of 2017, I had a quarter-life crisis and decided to sign up for the Chicago Marathon (I mean, why else would anyone sign up for a marathon, like ever?). While it was a great idea at the time, gave me something to channel all of my life’s frustrations into and taught me discipline, I only made it to a 15-mile practice run before I was plagued with debilitating shin splints.  I visited a chiropractor/PT who informed me that I could have shin splints, but I could also have a stress fracture, and advised that I go get an x-ray and that I take a break from running.

Saying “Sayonara!” to the marathon wasn’t difficult, but finding out what was wrong with me proved to be. I went to another sports doctor in the city who took an x-ray, told me it was hard to say whether or not I had a stress fracture or shin splints, but, (with great ease) mansplained to me that my body was pretty screwed up, critiquing everything from my posture to the way I held myself, to my body’s frame. It was arguably one of the most ridiculous exchanges I have had, to date.  No joke, I left that appointment in tears and I absolutely never went back to that place. Feeling frustrated, I gave up on seeking additional medical advice. The shin splints/stress fracture/”we’re still not really sure” ended up healing itself for the most part, however, it does tend to remind me of its lingering existence every now and then, especially after a long run or a lot of walking around the city.

A few months ago, my ankle began to hurt. I chose to ignore the pain, chalking it up as a fun symptom of turning 26.  Unfortunately the pain got worse, but given my recent experiences with PTs, I did not want to seek medical advice. So I turned to foam rolling, stretching, ibuprofen, and fascia blasting.  A few more weeks of ankle pain and I woke up one morning with completely locked up calves and I could hardly walk. I knew it was time to call in the experts. I remembered that J had received treatment from Delos Therapy a few months back for hip and IT pain, and she really enjoyed her experience. I decided it was worth checking out and booking a consultation with Eric, co-founder of Delos, was one of the best health decisions I have made.


Eric was very informative and walked me through the method behind Delos Therapy and why people have such success with treatment.  One of my favorite aspects of Delos (other than the relief I quickly saw from my first treatment) is that it is very accessible. There are locations all over the city, treatment can be done in 25 or 50 minute sessions and you can see any therapist at any given point in time and they will know exactly what you need worked on.

I have been working with Astrid over the past few weeks and she is amazing! In our first session together, she informed me that I have some of the tightest calves she has EVER worked on.  So it is safe to say, I am very glad I got to Delos when I did. As for the ankle, well, that ended up being a sprain. A sprain that was most likely caused by nothing other than a ton of wear and tear over time.  I am four weeks into my treatment plan, and the relief I felt within the first few sessions alone was huge. I am so grateful to have Delos Therapy in my arsenal and I am looking forward to continuing to work with them—even once I am healed. This treatment is great for not only repairing current conditions but also maintaining function once it has been fully restored.  Let’s focus on fixing the underlying cause of our chronic problems instead of simply relieving symptoms, shall we?

If I can leave you all with something I have learned over the past few months, it is that the aches and pains should not be ignored. I understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to get to the root of the problem, and to feel like you’re alone with no one to help. With that being said, there ARE professionals out there who are passionate about the work they do and passionate about helping you (and they will do it in a nice, effective, and non-patronizing way). If you’re in Chicago, we HIGHLY recommend you check out Delos Therapy – we can’t say enough good things. Mention FitCityBlonde for a free consultation.

Can’t wait to continue sharing this journey with you!

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