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When the Foam Roller is No Longer Cutting It...

My story with physical therapy is a tale as old as time.  I grew up in a household where chiropractic adjustments were a weekly occurrence, acupuncture was encouraged, and we had a specialty physician for every part of the body. My mom suffered from debilitating migraines for a few decades (God Bless her!), so fortunately for us, there was a large emphasis placed on healthcare, and my brother and I were introduced to specialty medicine at an early age.

In the summer of 2017, I had a quarter-life crisis and decided to sign up for the Chicago Marathon (I mean, why else would anyone sign up for a marathon, like ever?). While it was a great idea at the time, gave me something to channel all of my life’s frustrations into and taught me discipline, I only made it to a 15-mile practice run before I was plagued with debilitating shin splints.  I visited a chiropractor/PT who informed me that I could have shin splints, but I could also have a stress fracture, and advised that I go get an x-ray and that I take a break from running.

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