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My Go-To Smoothie Recipe

Flashback to one year ago (literally to the week). It was a winter day at the office, Chicago was dreary and cold, and I. Was. Miserable. I was working a job that I knew wasn't right for me. I was coming off the holidays with a little more puffiness than I would have liked. And I was desperately trying to think of ways to fulfill my 2017 resolution of "finding my purpose in life." Lofty goal, I know. 

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Bulletproof Matcha with Vital Proteins

Coffee and I are on a break since matcha entered the picture a few months ago. Matcha just makes me feel better and gives me a calm alertness, rather than the frenzied anxious energy I often feel after coffee. Plus, matcha features much higher levels of antioxidants than coffee, helping fight cancer and slowing the aging process. When I found Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen, I knew it was love. The combination of this powerfully nutritious tea + essential collagen protein has been astoundingly beneficial for the way my body feels lately. Collagen is known to boost the appearance of skin, hair, and nails, increase athletic performance, and aid the digestive process, and I can definitely tell a difference. But I still missed my bulletproof mornings and the productivity I would experience at work all. day. long. So I started playing around in the kitchen...

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FitCityFamily Features | Eric Cooper, Founder of Pressed Vibrance

Eric Cooper was told that he would need to have a life changing surgery to remove his entire colon to abate the symptons of ulcerative colitis. This was his transformative moment. He poured his whole being into finding a preventive, more balanced lifestyle. During his research, he came upon the study of nutrigenomics. By creating custom cold-pressed juices and foods that best suited his body, he was able to not only turn off the auto-immune disease, but also completely wow his doctors by his recovery. He was able to heal his body and live each day with vibrance, and has since made it his mission to share his knowledge about nutrition science and an ultra-wellness lifestyle with us all. 

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