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Let’s talk about self-care for a second.

In my yoga classes, I often ask people to think about how many instances per week they dedicate at least an hour of time to themselves. Without the distractions of text messages, email, social media, television, or even other people. An hour to be present with YOU, whatever that may mean.

And now I’ll ask you. Is it one hour per week? Seven hours -  at least one per day? Or maybe you’re lucky and have the ability to dedicate over ten hours per week to yourself. Go you!

Once I started asking the question, I tried answering it for myself. I went through the list…

Well, there’s yoga/pilates - I consider those self-care rituals. So that’s maybe 5 hours per week.

Then there are daily walks with my dog. Oh wait, scratch that...I listen to podcasts during those.

Okay, well what about my hour at Aligned Modern Health each week? Wow yes, that counts in a major way.

This selfie was taken on airplane mode. ;)

This selfie was taken on airplane mode. ;)

That’s when it hit me just HOW important my acupuncture sessions have truly become. They are the only time each week where I’m actually forced to tune into my body, turn my phone on airplane mode, and sit in a dark room by myself without moving. Okay, this may sound like a torture chamber for some of you, I get that. But hear me out.

We don’t have to get too deep into it (because I hope you’re already aware), but spending too much time on our phones is really, really bad for our health. It is physically straining on our neck, causes pain in our hands and thumbs, damages our eyes with harmful blue light and small text, and may even restrict oxygen to the brain as we slump over.  Not to mention, it creates anxiety, depression, negative self-esteem, and ADHD.

Here’s the thing, we are ALL guilty of it. Eli, Christina, and I are major offenders. Hell, we run a blog on the side - we’re glued to our phones just as much (if not, more) than you are.

But since you may be reading this on your phone and feeling the anxiety creep in, I’ll flip this around, just keeping reading.

So we’ve established that too much time on our phones is bad. Got it. And we know that self-care is not just important, it’s crucial to our health. It reduces stress, prevents burnout, and helps us refocus on what really matters. (I can tell you, it’s not what your high school best friend’s cousin did last night on her Instagram story).

What we’re proposing is a challenge. A challenge to dedicate at least one more hour of self-care to your week. It is very possible, and we know you can do it. To help, we’ve come up with a list of ideas for you:

  • 3 20-minute epsom salt baths per week (or maybe just a long one-hour bath! Sundays are great for this)

  • If working out is your thing (and you’re doing it to get away from your phone and into a mindset where you’re able to FOCUS), make time for it!

  • Walk to work without the distraction of your phone. Music may be fine for you, but sometimes that’s distracting enough. Can you turn your phone off on your way to the office? Tune into the sounds of the city, the people around you - you may learn something!

  • Eat lunch away from your desk and your phone.

  • Head to Aligned Modern Health and dedicate an hour each week to acupuncture. This is by far my favorite way to tune back in - to myself, my goals, my purpose, and my priorities. I have learned SO much about myself while lying on that table. Not to mention, I’ve experienced some serious physical benefits of acupuncture. If you’re not already familiar with it, we’ve listed some reasons to incorporate acupuncture into your self care routine below.

Do you have other favorite ways to incorporate self care? We need to know!! Comment below or shoot us an email at

The benefits of acupuncture

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  • Reduced Back Pain, Neck Tension and Relieve Joint Pain in the Hands and Arms

  • Relief from Headaches

  • Reduced Eye Strain

  • Improvement in your Immunity

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity

  • Increased Energy

  • Relief from Digestive Conditions

  • Reduced Cravings

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