Kombucha | The Immortal Health Elixir


It has never been more important to take care of your body. With unlimited data at our fingertips proving the health hindrances and benefits of every type of food, why wouldn’t we pay attention and take action in our own lives? The hardest part of it all can be knowing who to trust for health and wellness advice, especially within the fad diet, trendy health-food culture we live in today. But we promise, you can trust us.

We're reintroducing one of the oldest, healthiest, and yes, trendiest beverages on the market – kombucha.

Originating in China in 221 BC, kombucha has been dubbed the “Immortal Health Elixir” and the “Tea of Immortality.” Even if you don’t want to trust us, it’s difficult to deny two thousand years of data.

Ok, so what is it exactly? This sparkling beverage is made by fermenting black tea and natural sugars with the kombucha culture, which then produces bacteria (the good kind!) and yeast. Once the fermentation process is complete, the carbonated drink contains a multitude of vitamins, probiotics and acids such as lactic, acetic, and glucuronic.

Without getting too scientific, the acids and probiotics in kombucha have numerous health benefits to not only make you feel good now, but help for long-term health too.

Short-term benefits:

-          Improves digestion – as avid tea-drinkers know, the antioxidants contained in tea help settle the stomach and aid in the digestion process. Kombucha’s additional probiotics, good bacteria (apathogens) and enzymes add a bit more oomph to the process by fighting off (bad) pathogen bacteria.

-          Increases energy – iron and b-vitamins stimulate energy production. For the caffeine-sensitive, kombucha is a great substitute for an afternoon coffee when you need a little jolt.

-          Cleanses and Detoxes ­– possibly to most widespread reason for the trendy nature of this drink, kombucha is full of enzymes and bacteria that aids in liver function and detoxes your system.

Long-term benefits:

-          Improves weight loss – the acetic acid (also found in apple cider vinegar) increases weight loss and improves metabolism.

-          Boosts immunity – armed with antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamin C, each and every drop of kombucha aims to protect your immune system.

-          Reduces joint pain and reduces wrinkles – Kombucha increases hyaluronic acid production, which helps preserve the collagen in our bodies. Collagen reduces joint pain as well as the appearance of wrinkles. You’re basically getting younger with each sip.

-          Prevents cancer – studies have shown that the glucaric acid in kombucha lowers the risk of cancer. Ronald Reagan even drank kombucha daily when he was diagnosed with (and beat) cancer.

Kombucha isn’t a diet substitute or a miracle drink. Rather, we like to think of it as a promotional beverage that aids the body in functioning the way it was made to function, by arming it with healthy vitamins, acids, probiotics, and enzymes. For the past few months, I've been drinking 1-2 kombuchas daily, and have never felt better. I'd love to hear how it affects you! Comment or email us directly at fitcityblonde@gmail.com to keep the conversation going.



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