Home for the Holidays

As far as traditions go, my family has always opted to spend Christmas away from home. Every family is different, but for us travel = less stress, more fun, and the making of a LOT of memories. The past few years we have spent Christmas in NYC – frequenting the best restaurants, seeing shows on Broadway, being touristy AF around Rockefeller Center, and going out with all my favorite NY’ers.  This year we were excited to be heading back to NYC as we had scored epic dinner reservations and had organized the greatest itinerary.

The day before my flight, we had a family emergency that took traveling out of the picture.  Flights were refunded, dinner reservations were cancelled, and I headed home to be with my family.  Given the circumstances, I knew that the next four days would include me being surrounded by a lot of food and a lot of opportunity to be sedentary.  While I won’t deny that I definitely dove head first into the tin of chocolate chip cookies as soon as I got home, I did minimal damage as I had decided ahead of time that I wouldn’t let time spent at home derail my health and fitness goals. I chose to do the following:

IMG_1213 (1).jpg

1.      Maintain balance—for me this meant attempting to keep my morning routine the same. I brought home my favorite Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen (ICYMI - we LOVE Vital) which I have every morning with almond milk.  This stuff is a staple in my diet – it’s packed with antioxidants & collagen, is delicious, and is so easy to make—a simple add & stir! You can also add it to baked goods for some matcha-infused treats. 

2.      BOOK CLASSES – when I am home, I always have big dreams of going for a nice run around the ‘hood, or hitting the tennis courts for a pick-up game,  but then end up excusing myself from said physical activity. By booking classes and inviting family members (the original #fitcityfam OGs), I am 100% held accountable to get my workout in.  For example, this morning my mom woke me up 5 minutes before it was time to leave for barre.  Apparently at 25 I still am unable to use an alarm clock...it takes a village, people.

3.      Give your family & friends permission to put you in your place - if you find yourself out of control, I promise you, your siblings will be THRILLED to put you in your place. I went to grab a snack and my brother was quick to tell me that I wasn’t even hungry and was probably "bored eating." Totally annoying. But also true…and very effective. 

How do you maintain your health and fitness goals while home for the holidays? Let us know!


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