FitCityFamily Features: Emily Griffith of Lil Bucks

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Emily?

A: After moving back from Sydney, Australia I sort of created a life around all the quintessential ‘Emily’ things: travel, design, wellness and the outdoors. I started a freelance design and marketing biz to pay the bills and still be location-independent to work from places like Bali and Central America, so I could be warm, meet people from all over the world, and practice surfing. Freelancing also gave me the flexibility to start the ultimate passion project and my first “baby” - Lil Bucks Sprouted Buckwheat!! While living in Sydney I learned about the health benefits and versatility of sprouted buckwheat seeds--they're super popular in Australia. I just became obsessed with spreading the love of this superfood in the USA! 

Q: What was the inspiration behind Lil Bucks?

A: I think back to the first time I discovered sprouted buckwheat at an outdoor cafe, in an açaí bowl, by Bondi Beach, living my best life. That initial excitement and the energy around it still inspires me—that’s what I think about when dealing with the difficult side of entrepreneurship--thinking about that cosmic moment of discovery drives me. 

I was simply captivated by the crunch, the versatility, and the health benefits of sprouted buckwheat seeds... and was shocked to realize it’s not really a thing in the States yet. And it’s a super sustainable crop, especially in cold weather soil (like the Midwest!), and I am passionate about promoting sustainable food. It was a perfect storm for me to start this business. 

Q: What do you love most about your job?

A: Learning every day from the industry, other entrepreneurs, and from my customers. I enjoy the challenge of business and marketing, and the fact that it’s in food/wellness, an industry I’ve been interested in my whole life, is constantly fun. The way consumer tastes are evolving and how we’re demanding healthier food—demanding more from food brands than ever before—it’s amazing to be a part of the transformation for the better. 

Q: Take us through a day in the life!

A: The days are always different given I'm running two businesses at once while I get lil bucks off the ground. But it always includes: morning coffee with journal sesh, a workout of some sort (a class, run, yoga, or climbing), making my own smoothie bowl and taking gorgeous iphone photos before devouring, recipe development/sampling events/making or delivering lil bucks around town, likely a meeting with someone at Soho House (I work from there a lot), cranking out computer work, and then I try to disconnect by 8pm and spend some time with my lovely boyfriend and Lil Bucks' Chief Intern, Chris. I am also getting into cooking more--recipes beyond smoothie bowls. It's exciting!! 

Q: What's your favorite way to stay active?

A: Connecting with the outdoors is super important for my well-being. Surfing, hiking, snowboarding, cycling and running outside are the most ideal...  but given Chicago can be a bit chilly at times, I love cross training workouts like Crosstown Fitness, climbing at Brooklyn Boulders, gym workouts using FroyoToFitness guides, and meeting up with friends to take classes at all the amazing studios across the city! Then I just try to escape a few times in the winter to get my fix on the outdoor activities so I feel centered again. 

Q: What do you love most about YOUR #FitCityFamily (aka the health and wellness community in Chicago that you interact with!)

A: OMG it is amazing--Chicago is a big city but in a way still has a budding wellness community, which makes everyone extremely supportive of one another. Entrepreneurs of big and small food brands, gym and cafe owners, bloggers, customers -- it's all intertwined and it's an absolute blast being a part of the community and seeing how everyone is connected through some form of wellness. I think the connectedness and supportive community are why I love the Chicago #FitCityFamily the most. <3 

xx, Emily + The Blondes