FitCityFamily Features: Keelin Gorman

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Keelin Gorman?

A: I was born in Chicago, but lived in Dublin, Ohio from forth grade through high school and definitely feel like it's another hometown. I ran cross country and track at The Ohio State University and my friends from college became and still are my best friends in the world. I absolutely love living in Chicago and am lucky that my parents live in Lake Forest, so I get to see them pretty often. I've always been super into health and all that that encompasses, so even if I don't really agree with certain trends or methods, there aren't many I haven't heard of and read about if not tried on myself. In addition to that, I always have fun looking at different fashion trends, especially more absurd trends that I might not even wear. I've always been into the fashion world, even though it's not really something I ever seriously considered going into, it would be my dream to go to NY Fashion Week one year!

Q: Tell us about working in the fitness industry. What fueled this interest? Was this always your plan?

A: I have always been extremely active, my friends tease me because I can hardly even sit still at a movie. I never enjoyed school - my parents would tell you I never studied a day in my life, but I would (and still do) find myself researching and reading about health and the body every night, so in a way I actually was a book nerd all along. My junior year of college, I found a woman named Jeanette Jetkins on instagram and found out what a Nike trainer was. This kind of was my gateway into realizing that you could be a trainer for a profession and it definitely caught my attention. Flash forward to my senior year I wanted to test out a corporate setting, even though I was low key dreading it. I felt like a caged animal - I think my boss even referred to me as one once (LOL) - 6 months, 10+ pounds and some tears later I quit and moved to Colorado to reset - (my home away from home). During this time I was absolutely obsessed with Kirsty Godso and it became my dream to be a Nike Trainer - her picture was my background and I even learned about her diet and training style and tried it myself. For a while, fitness was my side hustle but now I've finally found myself in a full time position at a studio I love, a workout I'm addicted to and coworkers who never stop making me laugh. I honestly can't believe how lucky I am, I was actually planning to propose the exact position I currently have to our studio owner before he offered it to me out of the blue. Great minds think alike ;).


Q: What do you love most about your job?

A: First and foremost this workout is addicting. I remember how much I hated it in the beginning because it was such a challenge and it immediately drew me in. I was a competitive dancer for so long, I had a void after quitting and was initially hooked by the combo of strength and flexibility but the results locked me in. They're undeniable! If you give this workout a chance, it honestly changes your body in the best way and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong! I was an addict for months before I ever considered being a trainer here, I genuinely just loved the workout. Shout out to Dana Roy who talked me into becoming a trainer at Lagree and took all my first (cringe) classes with Joanie Henson who trained me! If it wasn't for Dana I wouldn't be in the position I am now! While the results are incredible and sell themselves, our studio owner and senior trainers have created such a healthy work environment, I'm never stressed. I'm the type of person that won't deal with or be in negative environments and our culture is really special to me. I love working out here, teaching and even hanging out with my coworkers outside of the studio. I have a lot to be grateful for, including making friends with so many of my clients! While being a trainer can be exhausting at times, overall I draw so much energy from what I do.

Q: Take us through a day in the life!

A: Not every day is the same, but typically I'll be at the studio in the morning and have a break during the middle of the day, then head back to the studio for evening classes. I used to always stay busy on my midday break and get lots of errands done, see friends or work out. Over the last month I've changed things up and always go home for lunch and just relax, I love crawling back into bed now if I can! I usually don't eat breakfast til after my first round at the studio, so I typically eat twice during this time. This has done so much for my energy, there's no going back haha! I almost always find time to squeeze a workout in at some point, but generally take anywhere from 1-3 days off/week depending how I feel - I've really learned to go by no strict rules on this aside from how my body feels, how my digestion is and how my sleep is.


Q: What's your favorite way to stay active?

A: My favorite ways to stay active are running, Lagree and stretching at home. I've learned to use running as a stress reliever, so it's as much a mental detox for me as it is a way to exercise. I'm on the Nike Windrunners racing team, so running is an important part of my weekly schedule for more reasons than one. If I'm not feeling a run I oftentimes will go for a walk because my legs literally twitch when I don't move enough for a few days in a row, it's this really uncomfortable feeling at night when they almost feel itchy, the only other person I know who has this is my dad haha! Because of the nature of my job I rarely get that feeling these days. I love to do Lagree at least twice a week if not more. Primarily because I love the workout, but secondly it helps me think outside my typical train of thought, I learn so much by taking class. Although I don't do it enough, stretching/mobility work always make me feel so much better and actually lower cortisol, so I keep that in my routine as well.

Q: What do you love most about YOUR #FitCityFamily (aka the health and wellness community in Chicago that you interact with!)

A: What I love the most about my fam is that my clients come to me genuinely wanting to be better and willing to work for it. I've found that my ride or die clients, the ones who consistently come to my class are always asking me a million questions after class whether it's about other workouts, their form in class, a move they tried but didn't feel properly, diet, etc. They're there to have fun but they also want to learn and most importantly are willing to take the extra steps to get the results they want. I'm extremely specific about form cues in my class and watching people listen and adjust throughout class is really rewarding cause you know they're really focused and doing their best. I really love being surrounded by their energy and it forces me to never settle and always be learning, building better routines and becoming a stronger trainer so they get what they came for. 

xx, Keelin + The Blondes