FitCityFamily Features: Morgan Raphael of Bun Undone

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Morgan Raphael?

A: I am a 26 year old, New Jersey native and now Chicago local, with a background in marketing and a passion for health and wellness. I’m also a dog mama to the cutest little mini golden doodle, Harlow. I’m a true believer in finding the bright side to everything, trusting your gut and following your passions!

Q: What was the inspiration behind Bun Undone?

A: Bun Undone started when I realized there wasn’t really a lot of positivity happening in the digital space, most likely due to comparison. I realized this comparison game was caused by lack of ATTAINABILITY. While I love following fashion and wellness bloggers myself, so many of their outfits, their self-care routines and even pantries were unattainable. Most people do not have the time or energy to ground up their own spices or use 20 adaptogens, for example. I wanted to be the attainable, relatable voice in the space that could also be a friend, and always keep it real. The name came from the tagline, “For when life and your bun gets messy.” The bun serves as a metaphor (although quite literally I’m almost always in a bun that turns into a very messy bun) to embrace imperfections during the wellness journey, as we’re all learning and growing together. My goal is to always provide approachable tips and tricks to wellness and share my learnings along the way.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

A: I love how I am able to share my story, all ups and downs, to hopefully inspire others. I also love that I have the platform to speak and share what I’m most passionate about. I’m always trying to spread awareness to new recipes, brands/products and even local fitness studios and restaurants. Even more than those things, I love having the ability to connect with anyone, ANYWHERE. I am such an extrovert (truthfully could probably talk to a wall) and it is so much fun meeting new people and making new connections. So many of my Instagram DMs have turned into friendships and even jobs!

Q: Take us through a day in the life!

A: Every day is slightly different, but while I like to say I’m not totally type A, I am a sucker for my routine! The only changing variables each day are the time of my workout. If I plan an evening workout, my day looks like this:

Wake up around 6:30AM, pack lunch (from Sunday’s meal prepped options), make my favorite, my go-to coffee smoothie (recipe here) along with my vitamins and apple cider vinegar cocktail, shower, walk Harlow, then head to Limitless where I work part-time on their marketing team handling influencer relations and social media (a dream!). I like to go right from work to the gym, so I pack clothes in my bag and head right there. After walking home from my workout I typically make dinner for myself and my boyfriend, Jacob, take a nice Epsom salt bath and then just veg on the couch! In-between all of the work and play there’s of course plenty of social media updates and emails exchanged.

Q: What's your favorite way to stay active?

A: I love to stay active by mixing things up! On Sundays part of organizing my schedule is to map out which workout happens on which day. Lately, Mondays and Thursdays have consisted of Hardpressed strength, Wednesdays and Sundays SoulCycle, and then solidcore, yoga (loving The Space Between new studio that 1/3 of Fitcity – Jeannie works at!) and Tone It up workouts. I love holding myself accountable to the schedule – that’s part of the reason I love group fitness! I also love planning them out with friends.

Q: What do you love most about YOUR #FitCityFamily (aka the health and wellness community in Chicago that you interact with!)

A: I love how my #FitCityFamily made Chicago feel like home for me! I tell everyone how when I moved here (three years ago which is WILD), I only knew my boyfriend and his family. I didn’t like the first job I took, and felt pretty lost honestly. About a year and a half later, a job later, and apartments later, I entered the wellness community. I started attending events, meeting new people, and just getting comfortable in the community. It didn’t take long for those like-minded individuals to become a critical part of my life. We immediately had deeper connections beyond the fitness studios and it truly felt like I had found where I belong. The FitCity Family community truly empowers you, lifts you up, helps you feel your strongest and most confident. There is no such thing as judgment or competition in this community, and it is truly incredible to be a part of. I am so grateful every single day!


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