Feed What Moves You


What are you hungry for?

And no, I’m not talking about donuts. For real, what are you craving? What do you need more of in your life? What fuels your passion and lights you up with intensity? As The Balanced Blonde would put it - what sets your soul on fire?

This year (as inspired by the #FeedWhatMovesYou campaign with Vital Proteins), I’m vowing to feed what moves me. Promising myself that I will commit to the things, people, and activities that fill me up and make me feel whole — make me feel more like myself! For me, that includes:

  • Moving my body. My go-to workouts these days are yoga (you can find me at Studio Three or The Space Between where I teach) and [solidcore] pilates.

  • Spending time with the people that light me up AKA my friends, family, fellow yogis and #FitCityFamily community.

  • Utilizing nourishing and nutritious foods to heal my body. Yes, this includes my daily dose of collagen!

  • Saying no more often (it’s liberating!). This means saying no to things that don’t light me up, that somehow do not fuel my passion or bring me closer to who I am. Eckhart Tolle would call this a “high-quality no.”

  • Smiling every chance I can. Even when you fake it, it feels pretty damn good. Try it, right now! 🙃

    We’re excited to be part of the #FeedWhatMovesYou campaign with Vital Proteins, a brand that feels there is nothing more important than a person’s health. They believe (and so do we) that our bodies deserve and need high-quality building blocks for all of life’s adventures.

    Speaking of adventures, have you tried their Collagen Shots yet? They’re the perfect size to pack with you for all of your adventures. And each shot is infused with 7g of collagen peptides and a variety of functional ingredients to give you that extra wellness boost morning, noon or night. They’re made with Functional Ingredients and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.  We throw them in our work bag, gym bag, carry-on luggage, you get the picture — wherever we’re adventuring, Vital Proteins is there with us.

We want to know what moves you! What sets your soul on fire? Tell us in the comments :)

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