Cystic Acne Relief & Weekly Visits to AMH


A few months ago, I opened up regarding the struggles I have faced with my skin.  I told you that for the past year or so I have struggled with horribly painful cystic acne. I was shocked by your responses - so many of you have dealt with and are currently dealing with the same thing. I’m so comforted to know that I am not alone.

GREAT NEWS. I am on the mend. After much research and trying many different things, I have finally found something that works for me and I want to share it with you all in hopes that someone else who is suffering may find relief.

Let’s go back to 2016. I decided that after a decade, it was time to go off birth control. I wanted to live a more holistic lifestyle and ultimately, wanted my body to sort out its issues without the help of a pill. Getting off the pill wasn’t easy, especially after 10 years.  My body went through a very long adjustment period (lol) and it took some time for my cycle to regulate. With that, came my horrible skin issues.

While on the pill, I always received compliments on my porcelain skin and I wasn’t familiar with acne except for the single zit that popped up once a month around that time of the month.  I just assumed I had great genes and acne struggles just weren’t a thing for me.  After coming off the pill, I would get multiple cystic pimples per DAY. It was literally an awful game of smack-a-zit. Each day I would try to defuse the new inflamed marking that had made its presence known on my face. Let’s be clear here. While I am human, and to an extent, care about my general appearance, looks aside, cystic acne is debilitating. It is PAINFUL. What made me feel even worse about it - were the scars.  The thought of having scars forever really stressed me out. I tried everything from prescription topicals, to diet adjustments (no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no caffeine) but was unable to find a natural remedy.

It was then I realized that I had 8,000 of you at my fingertips - some of whom, I selfishly hoped, had been through this and could help me get through it. So I asked you. I asked you all for your remedies and this is what you said you had tried and what worked for you:

  • Dietary Adjustments -- no dairy, no gluten, no sugar

  • Spironolactone

  • Birth Control

  • Whole30

  • Caffeine Free

  • Essential Oils

  • Regular Facials

  • Lemon water

  • Going meat-free

  • Acupuncture

  • Various topicals

A lot of you said that Spironolactone worked wonders for you. My body is highly sensitive, and the idea of going back on a prescription after I had just opted out of it, just wasn’t for me.  My dermatologist also noted that while Spironolactone would alleviate my acne, it wouldn’t heal it. AKA I would have to be on another pill forever. A friend of mine said that acupuncture worked wonders for her, so I figured I might as well give it a shot, and if it didn’t work, I would go back to my derm and see what prescriptions he recommended. Acupuncture was my last holistic hope.


I did some research - and although I couldn’t find much regarding the benefits of acupuncture and acne, I booked an appointment at Aligned Modern Health anyway. You guys. I have had eight sessions thus far, and saw relief after two. It has worked wonders for me. I no longer have cystic acne, except for the occasional PMS-related pimple.  My skin is noticeably clearer and I am so happy to have found relief through a holistic method. My acupuncturist (shout out to Dr. Madden - aka QUEEN!) at Aligned Modern Health is helping me balance my hormones through acupuncture - and we are getting to the root of my cystic acne and hormonal imbalances. I love knowing that I am no longer putting a bandaid on a problem.

While every body is different, I would highly recommend looking into acupuncture if you struggle with hormonal acne and have yet to find relief. I am excited to continue sharing this journey with you, as I look to heal my body holistically.

ICYMI: J shared her hormonal health here. The whole point of FitCityBlonde is to keep it real with you all. As always, we would love to keep this conversation going so reach out if you have any questions.

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