Why You Should Cut Out the Milk and How to Switch to a Cleaner Creamer

Rise and Shine, it's Saturday! Maybe you're reading this in bed, not yet ready to untangle yourself from those comfy sheets (we're loving these ones by the way...code FITCITY will get you 20% off). Or have you been up for hours? (if so, go you!)


If you're like many of us, we're willing to guess it took a cup of coffee or two to get you out of bed and ready to kick-start your day. There's just something about the coffee aroma on a weekend morning. Now that you're thinking about it, tell us - how do you take your coffee?

(a) Single shot of espresso, enjoyed slowly.

(b) Tall cup of black coffee. Steaming hot.

(c) Milk/cream/half and half. But just a splash!

(d) Other. Or not at all!

(Answer in the comments, we're genuinely curious what our readers drink!)

If you answered (d), you have some kind of super power, and we'd really like to know your secret. For those of you that answered (a) and (b), we have a sneaky suspicion you're already on the health train (maybe even driving it) - our only caution to you would be to limit it to 1-2 cups per day. If you're in the (c) camp (which is a big camp, we admit), let's chat a little further. Likely, you prefer to cut the bitter taste of black coffee with something a little more approachable. Just a splash of cream or milk and you're ready to roll.

Or are you?

If you're a fan of the real deal - the full-on dairy milk made from *gasp* cows! - it might be time to reconsider. As Dr. Mark Hyman points out, "milk from conventionally raised cows is full of hormones, chemicals, and inflammatory compounds." Scary, right? If you're interested in reading further, here and here are two of many articles that suggest milk is doing our bodies more harm that good. And these were published back in 2013! 

But hey, it's 2018, and the craze for non-dairy milks is on the rise. We've got so many more options these days! Soy, almond, cashew, coconut, hemp, rice, pea, oat, flax milks are becoming more and more prevalent in local coffee shops and on grocery store shelves. 

But here's the thing...these non-dairy options may not be as healthy as you think. Unless you're making your own (we've got a recipe for almond milk - should we post it?), then you may also want to reconsider these dairy-free options as well. The gums, sugars and emulsifiers that are present in the majority of brands we see are just as harmful for our bodies and should be avoided, especially if consumed once (or more) per day.

So if I've just ruined your morning cup of joe already, HEAR ME OUT. I've got another solution.

(We're gonna drop a buzz word, be ready for it.)

Collagen. You've likely read about it on our blog before, but we wanted to share a collagen option that fits in nicely with this Saturday morning conversation. Enter, Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer.

Why we love it:

  • First of all, it has collagen! Collagen helps restore the skin’s moisture, tone, and elasticity, supports healthy digestion and restores gut health. It helps rebuild muscle, allowing your body to recover even faster after tough workouts.

  • It’s clean and is Whole30-approved! Not to mention, it’s made with only real-food ingredients and is free of artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, dairy, and gluten.

  • It is rich in energy-boosting MCTs, a type of healthy fat found in coconut milk.

  • It tastes freakin’ amazing and is SUCH a better alternative to the other creamer options out there on the market.

So this Saturday, enjoy your coffee like you always have (maybe even savoring that ultrasweet milk or cream you typically use - because you know it’ll be one of the last), then swiftly order up some of this collagen creamer to have by next Saturday’s cup of joe?

Just a suggestion.

xx, J

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