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All in for Acupuncture

If you’ve been following along with the Blondes lately, you already know we are huge fans of acupuncture. If you are new to the #FitCityFam, first and foremost — WELCOME , second — FYI, we are huge fans of acupuncture! Over the past year, J and I have been using acupuncture and Chinese medicine via our doctor friends at Aligned Modern Health (shoutout to Dr. Madden and Dr. Para — y’all are the real MVPs!).

I originally experimented with acupuncture because I wanted relief from cystic acne.

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Decaffeinate Your Life: My Journey to Balanced Wellness

For those of you who are just tuning in, a few weeks ago I began working with Pressed Vibrance in a quest to heal my body from inflammation and fix my imbalances…aka put an end to the painful cystic acne that has plagued my face for the past year or so, and to do it naturally.  I identify as an HSP - highly sensitive person - and with that comes an array of health issues since birth. Some of the many issues I’ve struggled with over the years include: many allergies (to food, pets, the environment), eczema, and IBS.  Basically, about once a quarter, I find myself in the doctor’s office for some chronic illness or rash.  Joy!

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Overcoming Stress & Negativity with Meditation

My meditation practice started only months ago, making me feel a bit like a bandwagon adopter of the age-old method for reducing stress. What may have been considered “fringe” for many years has now become mainstream. There is no doubt a resurgence of meditation happening in the wellness community today. I’d heard about it, read about it, talked about it...but had no idea how to incorporate it into my own life. I wondered when I would find the time, where I would go to meditate (would I have to dedicate space in my house for meditation, buy a pillow and a gong??), and if I would even be able to meditate at all. Silly excuses...

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Home for the Holidays

As far as traditions go, my family has always opted to spend Christmas away from home. Every family is different, but for us travel = less stress, more fun, and the making of a LOT of memories. The past few years we have spent Christmas in NYC – frequenting the best restaurants, seeing shows on Broadway, being touristy AF around Rockefeller Center, and going out with all my favorite NY’ers.  This year we were excited to be heading back to NYC as we had scored epic dinner reservations and had organized the greatest itinerary.

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Fall-ing into the Next Best Season of Life

As the season of Fall and Thanksgiving is upon us, I can’t help but reflect on the past year with so much gratitude for the Universe.  A few weeks ago, the Blondes and I all took a turn re-introducing ourselves on the ‘Gram with a Day in the Life, and I opened up about how this age has been confusing for me as everyone is going through different things at different times.  I was scared to put myself out there in this capacity (admit to 6,000 people that my life is far from perfect? – hard pass!) but your feedback was inspiring.  So here it is, the past year, SparkNotes edition… 

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FitCityFamily Features | Eric Cooper, Founder of Pressed Vibrance

Eric Cooper was told that he would need to have a life changing surgery to remove his entire colon to abate the symptons of ulcerative colitis. This was his transformative moment. He poured his whole being into finding a preventive, more balanced lifestyle. During his research, he came upon the study of nutrigenomics. By creating custom cold-pressed juices and foods that best suited his body, he was able to not only turn off the auto-immune disease, but also completely wow his doctors by his recovery. He was able to heal his body and live each day with vibrance, and has since made it his mission to share his knowledge about nutrition science and an ultra-wellness lifestyle with us all. 

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