All in for Acupuncture


If you’ve been following along with the Blondes lately, you already know we are huge fans of acupuncture. If you are new to the #FitCityFam, first and foremost — WELCOME , second — FYI, we are huge fans of acupuncture! Over the past year, J and I have been using acupuncture and Chinese medicine via our doctor friends at Aligned Modern Health (shoutout to Dr. Madden and Dr. Para — y’all are the real MVPs!).

I originally experimented with acupuncture because I wanted relief from cystic acne. Through acupuncture, and balancing my post-birth control hormones, I was able to find clarity (literally) and now I really only deal with acne during “that time of the month” — PRAISE!! While my skin is now clear for the most part, acupuncture has remained a staple in my weekly routine — it is not going anywhere.

In the New Year, I wrote about how, in addition to helping me balance my hormones, acupuncture has helped me deal with anxiety, sleep insomnia, and other ailments that were holding me back. I consider my weekly visits to Aligned to be therapy. In every session (prior to the needles coming out), Dr. Madden and I talk about my week—my feelings, stress level, work, sleep, cycle — you name it. She listens, sans judgment, and is so in tune with everything that is going on in my life — because it is all relevant to how I am feeling and what I am experiencing. Dr. Madden then determines what areas of the body to target and works her magic with the needles. Stressful work week? We target that. Terrible PMS symptoms? Let’s get rid of it. Random bouts of anxiety? BYE! I cannot say enough good things about adding acu to my life. If you are suffering from anything — or simply want to elevator your life for the better— and are looking for holistic healing, I highly recommend Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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