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Does your workplace foster or hinder your health and wellness goals? Is there anything you can do to enhance it?

For me personally, I’m lucky to work at a forward-thinking tech company that places a high value on employee wellness. In fact, we have an entire department dedicated to supporting employees in reaching their optimal fitness (physical, emotional and financial) goals and positively contributes to our workplace performance by offering customized programs, services and events. We have a gym on-site, healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking and everyone in the office is pretty health-conscious. I’m lucky. I’m not oblivious to this.

That said, I’m still plagued with daily birthday treats, delicious (unhealthy) options at lunch and the pressure to do well, which can often mean skipping workouts in lieu of logging more hours.

set yourself up for Success

  1. Talk about your goals. If people know you’re watching carbs or gluten free, they’ll be less likely to get you cake or something else notoriously not-so-good-for-you for your birthday or other celebrations. Today, we got one of my colleagues Edible Arrangements “donuts”: donut-shaped slices of apples dipped in semisweet chocolate. Sometimes we get other people wellness shots or juices from Pressed Juicery! Talking about your goals will also add a line of accountability and your colleagues are likely to ask if you’re staying on track.

  2. Block time on your calendar. We’ve said this once, and we’ll say it again: blocking time on your calendar helps keep you accountable and creates boundaries for your colleagues. “Think of your workouts as important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself.  Bosses don’t cancel.”  I have a recurring time slot on my calendar for workouts that I move depending what time I plan to work out that day.  This gives me boundaries and lets my colleagues know I’m busy during that time and not to schedule anything.

  3. Involve your coworkers. Invite your colleagues to workout classes or ask them to join you on personal challenges (like intermittent fasting!). For example, I’m trying to stay consistent on my supplement intake, which involves taking my Vital Proteins Collagen every day. Luckily, staying on track has never been easier with VP’s new on-the-go Collagen Shots. I brought some in the other day to share with my colleagues and the whole team loved them!

  4. Keep your supplements at your desk. I also have a stash of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen on my desk that I mix into my daily coffee and I keep my probiotics and turmeric in my desk. Every morning (and all day) it stares at me, which is great for ensuring I take them at some point throughout the day.

  5. Bring your own lunch. I have never done this, but some of my colleagues do and it’s a fool-proof way to avoid grabbing mac n’ cheese at the dining hall.

How do you stay healthy at work? We’d love to know so we can add these ideas to our list!

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