Billionaire/Celebrity Health Hack: Glutathione


Admittedly, my interest in Glutathione (glue-ta-thigh-on) began after seeing Dr. Paul Nassif, celebrity plastic surgeon, holding a bottle of Nano Glutathione on IG - ya’ll know we’re v into anything anti-aging. But J (our in-house health coach) already knew Glutathione to be the “Master Antioxidant.”

To be sure, we embarked on a quest to find the dirt for ya’ll on this “miracle molecule.” And let me tell ya - we’ve been sitting on a gem.

What is glutathoine ?

Glutathione is a primary detoxifier, critical to every cell in your body. It’s so important for anti-aging, and acts to reverse cellular damage from lifestyle, diet and environmental factors.

To be frank: our bodies weren’t built to deal with today’s stressors: processed and fatty foods, smog (lookin’ at you, LA), stress, GMOs, UV rays, tobacco smoke, pesticides and other harmful toxins. They constantly threaten our cells and deplete us of our most important antioxidants.

THANKFULLY, however, our body produces Glutathione, which helps to fight these free radicals.

To put it visually, “Glutathione is that fabulous antioxidant that walks around our bodies like little trash trucks and dumps all the free radicals and garbage into our colon so we can expel via bowel movements.” Lovely, but true.

The problem

As we age, our liver produces less Glutathione (1% less every year after the age of 20, to be exact), leaving us vulnerable to free radicals. When they overwhelm our body, we’re prone to chronic fatigue, cell breakdown and disease (in addition to wrinkles and weight gain).

Fortunately, Glutathione can be taken supplementally, but was once only available to billionaires and celebrities through expensive, painful injections.

The solution

Enter Nano Glutathione (that thing I saw Dr. Nassif holding), which allows Glutathione to be taken through a sublingual (under the tongue) dropper, making it affordable (and effective!!) for everyone (and TG bc I hate pills and shots).

All you do: take one dropper of Nano under your tongue daily, first thing in the morning. Hold it for 90 seconds (approx. half of my new fave song: Way Back Home by SHAUN). Then swallow. That’s it.

Pro tip: supplement your intake with foods high in Glutathione like avocados (like we really have to encourage you on these), broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, garlic and onions.

Thank us when you have more energy and you’re not catching that cold going around at work.

For more information, click HERE!

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