How to find time to workout as a working girl

If there’s one thing we understand, it’s that sometimes it can feel impossible to do it all: to do well at work, have a social life and to work out.  And frankly, we’re a little tired of unrealistic recommendations like, “workout at work: host a walking meeting!”  Come on - no one does that.  So, we’re sharing a few tips to help you find time to work out, amidst all the other things you want to do.

our realistic totally achievable tips

  1. Find a good time:

    1. Set your alarm early.  Early could mean 5AM.  Exercising early means you get to cross your workout off your to-do list ASAP, and maybe catch a sunrise.  You know what they say: the early bird gets the worm.  Sometimes it’s fun to be up before the world gets going and to know you’ve accomplished so much before the dawn’s early light.  Pro tip: wear your workout clothes to bed and get your sweat on literally as soon as you roll out of bed.  And as soon as that alarm goes off, immediately turn on a lamp (light signals your brain to be alert).

    2. Workout on your lunch break.  This is easily the best way to sneak a sweat into your work day (and escape the office for some fresh air). You might not think you have time, but Kayla Itsines’ BBG is a 28-minute workout.  Just sayin’.  If you're pressed for time, dry shampoo, face wipes and an organized gym bag can keep your locker room time short and sweet.

    3. Be the late-night crew.  I love going to the gym an hour before it closes because I know no one else will be there and I can be more efficient with my time.  Knowing I have a limited amount of time also keeps me off IG while I’m there (time is of the essence!) and I get to get all my stuff done before heading out of work (or at least what is reasonable to get done for the day).

  2. Put it on the calendar.  This is a must.  Blocking time on your calendar will help you schedule around your workout. “Think of your workouts as important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself.  Bosses don’t cancel.”  I have a recurring time slot on my calendar for workouts that I move depending on what time I plan to work out that day.  I feel guilty any time I delete it.

  3. Keep your energy levels up.  Adding a workout to an already-busy day usually means having to get up earlier or stay up later. Instead of pounding cups of coffee or energy drinks, we lean on clean, calorie-free caffeine in the form of NoDoz to help us find the energy and mental clarity to do it all. 

  4. Put money down.  Sounds crazy, but putting money on the line may provide the motivation you need to show up for your workout. Sign up for a $30+ Barry’s or SoulCycle class and I guarantee you won’t cancel. 

  5. Make it social.  It’s proven workout buddies can be the key to keeping us accountable, but working out with friends is also a great way to kill two bird with one stone. If you’re worried about your social life, trade brunch or drinks for a fun class and carpool or grab a smoothie after!

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