My packing list: Living out of a Suitcase


The cat's out of the bag (literally - my sweet companion, Kitty, is unpacked and settled): I'm moving to LA!

The boyf got a new job in Beverly Hills, so we put in our 30-days notice in SF, got a place in Santa Monica, and moved to SoCal!

I'm finishing out the quarter at my current job in SF, which means I'm couch-surfing with friends and flying back-and-forth between SF and LA every Friday/Monday.  My Southwest schedule is insanity.

As I packed my bag Monday morning at 4am for the work week ahead (who packs the night before!?), I was met with the challenge of packing lightly (no one wants a guest with 10 bags) for an entire week.  I had to quickly assess what was important, which is never easy for a notorious over-packer (just ask J+C about my packing habits - hehe).




Here's where I landed (and where I fell short) for a 4-night/5-day trip:

  • Workout Attire (doubles as PJ's!):

    • 5 x Sports Bras

    • 5 x Leggings/Lulus

    • 5 x Tops/T-shirts

    • 6 x Pairs of socks

    • 1 x Pair of Tennis Shoes

  • Work Attire

    • 5 x Work Shirts

    • 2 x Pair of Jeans (is this gross? I re-wear my jeans back-to-back days - sorry, not sorry)

    • 1 x Pair of "work shoes"

    • Bras/undies - you know the drill

  • Miscellaneous

... All packed in my Sol and Selene Metropolitan Tote and my Away Bigger Carry-On (ain't nobody got time for checked bags).

Things I forgot, that I plan to bring with me next week:

  • Sweatshirt/jacket

  • Shampoo/conditioner

You might be asking: why the Vital Proteins?  That seems a little less-necessary compared to the likes of a phone charger or pair of undies.

Well, supplements are called supplements because they're an easy way to boost your current protein intake if you’re not eating enough protein in the first place.  Protein supplements are perfect for:

  • Frequent travelers/busy bees who don't have time to eat a proper meal

  • Small eaters who have trouble stomaching a whole bunch of solid food

  • People looking for something that’s convenient and doesn’t spoil

So, in fact, it's likely you actually “need” protein powder MORE when you're traveling than when you're not.

I've been mixing the stick packs with my coffee, but you can mix them with water or milk when you're on-the-go.

Incase you need a reminder as to WHY we're adding collagen to everything:

  • Collagen Peptides blend into anything, hot or cold! And when they say unflavored, they mean it. No - the Marine Collagen peptides do not taste fishy. You can add a scoop to anything and won’t taste a difference!

  • It enhances hair, skin & nails: see here for proof

  • It improves digestion: naturally occurring amino acids in collagen peptides provide a strong line of defense for your gut.

  • It boosts joint health: face your first CorePower Yoga class like a champ!

PRO TIP: Pack protein powder when you travel!  Add to water, coffee, almond milk, oatmeal, etc.

Forgot your Vital?  No problem!  Head to your local Whole Foods to grab some.

What do you pack when you travel?  Do you take your supplements with you?  Let us know!

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