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I have a confession - one that I am no stranger to confessing.  I have commitment issues. I am really bad at committing to things - workout guides, eating plans, consistently meditating, workouts... the list goes on - I will frequently do something for a period of time and then, just as quickly and eagerly as I started, I stop.  My reason for stopping always differs - from getting bored (i.e. workout guides) to just being too busy (meditation).

Last fall I started taking collagen religiously.  At that time, I was addicted to making smoothies for breakfast, and I would toss a scoop or two of my Vital Proteins and call it a day.  Because I was on such a collagen kick, I began adding it to everything - including these delicious cookies. You guys, I saw results. Great results. My nails grew so quickly and were STRONG! I no longer struggled with weak, flaking nails.  My hair started growing like a weed. A pretty blonde weed (thank you Art & Science babes).  But due to some diet changes I cut back on the smoothies and in turn, also forewent my Vital Proteins. And as quickly as I started seeing results, I quickly noticed my hair and nails began to revert. My hair stopped growing as quickly and my once strong nails went back to being weak and brittle.  These changes were enough to get me back on the collagen kick...for good. Because of this, I have worked collagen back into my diet by way of my green tea every morning, and I also throw it into as many recipes as possible.

So, I know why I am back to using my Vital Proteins -- because it truly has helped me and I have seen the benefits. I AM A BELIEVER!!  But don’t take my word for it...I checked in with some of my fellow FitCityFam members to see how and why they swear by collagen.

“I use it daily to maintain healthy hair, skin, & nails!” - @andrewckey, Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor and Father to three of the cutest little dudes!

“I like using vital proteins because I look at collagen as extra protection for my hair, skin, nails and joints. As an active person running from one new workout class to the next, I know I’m probably not giving my joints the love they need. By adding collagen to my coffee, smoothies or baked goods I know I’m giving them extra protection. Collagen production decreases at the age of 25, so I feel good knowing I can do my part to keep my hair, skin and nails strong with collagen!” - @onceuponapumpkin, Millenial Nutrition Expert & Dog Mom to the cutest little pup

“I personally use it as an added protein source in my morning smoothies, and sneak it into anything I can...especially baked goods or protein bites such as my favorite Vanilla Chai protein balls.” - @missfingerfoodie, Finger Licking Food Enthusiast & Blogger

“I am such a huge fan of Vital Proteins because I can use it wherever I go!  The single serve peptides are a lifesaver! I also love that I have the option to have flavorless or flavored collagen.  Sometimes I just need that mixed berry taste!” - @joenicastro, Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor, & GOAT of all shirtless mirror selfies

“So I put collagen in my smoothies or my matcha ~ mixes super well, no taste and leaves me glowing. My hair is thick and grows like a weed. I can always see a difference in when I’m regularly taking my collagen and not just by the elasticity of my skin and brightness of my undereyes. It’s a definite must with my busy schedule & sweaty lifestyle.” - @em.debouver, Dancer, Choreographer, & total bad-ass.

“Smoothies, coconut lattes, broths...I think it’d be easier to say what I don’t put it in rather than what I do.  I use it for workout recovery, joint and skin health, and for my hair...it’s never been thicker.” - @sarahcwellness, Our Wellness Guru

How do you take your collagen? Let us know -- we love hearing from you!

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