What We Love | C's Favorite Workouts

When it comes to fitness, I have always had a few…umm... commitment issues.  These can be traced back to childhood, where I tried every activity at least once - usually for a season - or at the very least, long enough for my parents to pay for the uniform.  This trend - aka my inability to stick with anything - followed me into my 20s as I tried every fad diet, detox, beachbody guide, $34 workout class I could get my hands on.  I would go to Soulcycle non-stop for a month…*be all about it* only to get burnt out and not get back on the bike until a year later.  This pattern repeated itself as I bounced from studio to studio, looking for the workout that would hold my interest long enough for me to become good at it, or at least see some results.  I would (enviously) watch my friends excel in their exercise of choice, as they religiously attended their yoga classes, danced on their bikes in the front row, and saw results from their 12 weeks of the BBG guide that I couldn’t manage to get past week three in.

This year I have made the choice to change my focus, specifically turning what I once thought were flaws into strengths, and at age 25 - I am proud to say that I am finally embracing my inability to commit, better known as my affinity for newness and love for the excitement of trying new things.  What do I love? I love my workout ADD.


This year I decided to embrace my workout ADD and come up with a fitness routine that works for me, and guess what, no week is the same AND bonus: my body has been loving me so much more.  I (aim to) workout 5-6 times per week because working out is no longer a chore and it makes me feel great.  Here’s what has my heart these days:

CorePower Yoga - I know, not a single person is shocked by this one. You all know I love CPY, but do you know why? Probably. But for those of you who don’t, I love CPY because no two flows are the same.  Not only does each instructor have his/her own style, but they’re all amazing people and they inspire me to work harder and push myself out of my comfort zone.  When you have at least ten favorite instructors, and multiple class formats to choose from, it is really hard to get bored at CPY.

Frequency:  3-4x/week - mostly C2s and maybe a Sculpt once per week depending on my other higher-intensity workouts. Want to try a free week at CorePower Yoga? Sign up here and let us know when you do so we can grab a class together!

Barry’s Bootcamp -  Barry’s Bootcamp is impossible not to love.  The workout is hard AF, and you are constantly on the move.  I mentioned comfort zones above, but there aren’t any here so don’t even bother bringing yours.  The instructors, turned (fitcity)family, will push you way past your limits. I have cried many times in the red room - due to both physical exertion and self reflection. Ugh, Barry’s, ILYSM.   With that being said, you should most definitely sign up for your first class here.

Frequency: 1x/week. While I love Barry’s, I have to limit my high-intensity, high-impact workouts, as my body is pretty sensitive.  


Pilates - I love high-intensity, low-impact workouts the most and megaformers have really changed the fitness scene. I bounce around to different studios in Chicago, but I recently took a [solidcore] class and loved it… and am absolutely still feeling it three days later.  You will target muscles you didn’t even know you had and reap the benefits days later. Check out [solidcore] and book your spot here using the code FITCITYBLONDE for $5 off a new member 2-class pack.  

Frequency: 1-2x/week.  

Cardio - Walking is my favorite workout.  There it is, I said it.  Whether it’s raining, snowing, or just super freaking cold (the usual here in Chicago)  - I try to walk 5 miles a day (thank God for Apple watches that keep me on my toes - literally).  If my body is particularly sore from a workout, I will use walking or running as a recovery.  

Frequency: every day.

Mixing up my workout routine and honoring what my body needs and wants has been a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend it.  Working out is more exciting than ever before and I genuinely enjoy it. Lastly, what I truly love most about my workout ADD is that it has truly helped me expand my #fitcityfamily - my friends and instructors who inspire me to show up, work hard, and give my best every single day.


*This is what works best for me.  Every body is different, so listen to yours and do what works best for you! Please consult a medical professional if you have any questions or unsure as to what activities you should be participating in in regards to your physical well-being.