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If you’ve been paying attention to the FitCityBlog for the past week or so, you will have noticed that the blondes are coming in hot when it comes to sharing what we love - from our favorite workouts to our go-to recipe for a health-ified treat. What can we say, we love the month of February and we love love.

Last week, I shared my fitness routine (or lack thereof) and how lately, I have really been loving my workout ADD (check it here). What I failed to mention while highlighting some of my favorite studios here in Chicago, is that while I love taking classes, I frequently find myself with limited time - having to squeeze in a quick workout at the gym between meetings or before an evening out with my girlfriends.  Because I usually find myself staring at the weights thinking to myself WTF am I supposed to do with these, and instead opting for some boring cardio on the treadmill, you can only imagine how thrilled I was when FitCityFamily partnered with aSweatLife... and during the launch of their new SweatWorking App (our timing is really impeccable).  And gang, it is an absolute gamechanger.

Here’s why we heart it:

  1. Community - You know how much we value the power of community - the reason we opted for a name change from FitCityBlonde to FitCityFamily - and the creators of aSweatLife share the same belief that all things are better when we are together. The app allows you to take classes with great instructors and join challenges with your friends, so even when you’re working out by yourself, you’re never alone.   

  2. Convenience - We are always on a time crunch and love that we are able to take classes with some of our favorite instructors, whenever and wherever.  

  3. Variety - There are so many coaches and workouts to choose from and we love being able to mix things up while completely avoiding the dreaded B-word (BORED)! Classes include anything and everything from meditation and yoga, to HIIT and no equipment strength workouts for when you’re traveling.


Yesterday, J and I had planned on hitting up [solidcore] for a little Valentine’s Day early AM workout, however, she fell victim to the whole “AM vs PM” debacle and ended up snoozing in a little too late. Instead of saying nah to her workout of the day and heading back to bed, she instead opted for the gym, where she was able to grab a virtual Core Crusher workout with #girlboss and total babe, Betina Gozo.  You guys, we have worked out with Betina IRL, and can genuinely say that working out with her through the app was just as great...she can kick our butts whether in-person or not. 

We know we’ve sparked your interest, so we encourage you to check it all out and see the magic for yourself.  You can sign up for the SweatWorking app here and we encourage you to do it ASAP.  Break your sweat, not your goals, and then of course, let us know what you think-we are with you every workout of the way.  

All my love,

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