How to Maintain Gut Health While Traveling


I don’t know about you all, but lately whenever I travel (we’re talking even short, domestic, weekend trips), my stomach is all sorts of not OK. It sucks; ruins my mood.

I’m going to Morocco for 10 days with my family over Christmas, and am terrified of bloating and having discomfort while riding camels in the Sahara Desert. Like picture that. No.

So, I’ve been researching how to maintain gut health while traveling and wanted to share what I’ve found:

maintain gut health while traveling

  1. Take a probiotic. We like BIOHM and Silver Fern Brand. These are great for keeping digestion regular. Yogurt and Kombucha are great too.

  2. Drink water!! Don’t! Forget! Very! Important! Find a water bottle you like (we recommend this one) and stick it in your purse. Unless you’re going out of the country, in which case you may have to opt for bottled water (better safe than sorry).

  3. Add Collagen: Because collagen is a primary component of the cells that line the gut, it’s the perfect ingredient to support the digestive system. Taking collagen not only supports the cells by providing the body with ingestible collagen, it also contains amino acids beneficial for digestion. We always travel with our on-the-go packets from Vital Proteins, which you can easily add to coffee, smoothies, tea or water for an extra boost of protein + collagen.

Safe (and healthy) travels, babes!

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