Welcome To The Family

You made it. You're home.


Welcome to FitCityFamily – we are thrilled to have you here. Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Christina, Elizabeth, and Jeannie – FCF co-founders, friends-turned-sisters, and overall wellness enthusiasts. We began this blogging journey through our original brand FitCityBlonde, a concept through which we became a valuable source of intel on fitness, food and fun for other busy twentysomethings, uncovering the healthiest scenes from coast-to-coast and keeping it real along the way.

When “twentysomething” became “pushing thirty,” and “blonde” became more expensive to maintain and too exclusive to our audience than was intended, we recognized the need for a change. In 2017, FitCityFamily was born, and with it came a stronger community focus, more active audience engagement, and an incredibly supportive environment. Family is what you make it, and we plan to make ours great.

Consider this your home away from home - a platform through which you can set your weekly calendar, catch-up on blog posts, share your own experiences, meet new people, and stay motivated and accountable to your healthy lifestyle.

We recognize the power of community and believe that with our platform and passion for meaningful relationships, we can create a stronger, healthier, and more supportive fitness family than ever before.

But we can't do it without you - our readers, listeners, photographers, instructors, classmates, and fellow bloggers. Every one of you has a role in this fitness family, and we need your help to make this thing great. All we ask is for openness.

Open the dialogue. Let us know (honestly!) how we are doing and what you'd like to see or read. Open the community. Invite your friends to a workout class, tag us on social, or just say hi to the person next to you in class. Stay open-minded. Be willing to try something new, just hear us out, and be receptive of new ideas. 

Together, we will make this community impactful, inclusive, supportive, and (what's one big, happy family if not) LOUD. We can't wait for our family to grow, and are so excited to share this incredible journey with you. 


C + E + J