10 Tips for Healthier Travel

It’s a short week -- rejoice! It’s 1pm, you’re sauntering out of the office early to catch a flight home, your AWAY rollerboard is clicking along behind you. You grab an Uber to the airport (because the train is your version of hell, and after the longest short week of your life, you just cannot deal with people. Plus it’s the holidays, so you treat yourself). Uber Jason is on his way to you, and he’s not driving a Honda Civic -- SCORE.

There’s traffic, but you gave yourself ample time to get to the airport and maybe even grab a drink and a snack at the bar outside of your gate. Again, it’s the holidays -- might as well get the weekend rolling early right?

Believe us, we’ve been there. But one thing we’ve come to realize as we’ve gotten older is that our bounce-back time isn’t as quick as it was in our early twenties. A stressful week at work followed by “one quick drink” at the airport + hours of immobility on a dry airplane surrounded by a bunch of strangers who may be sick? Kind of a recipe for disaster.

We agree with Dave Asprey when he says…

Air travel sucks… Flying messes with your circadian rhythms as you shift time zones, increases stress hormones, is uncomfortable, and raises your risk of blood clots.  It’s also dehydrating and your risk of getting sick from flying is actually pretty high. Because air gets filtered from the front of the plane to the back, your risk is even higher in economy class. The human body just wasn’t designed to be inches away from dozens of other humans, breathing the same air in a metal tube six miles above the surface of the earth.
— Dave Asprey

When what’s waiting for you on the other side of that flight is a weekend full of family time and lots of indulgence, you may want to rethink the way you travel. Hop off the plane without skipping a beat and maximize the time spent with loved ones with these 10 tips for healthier travel:


  1. Hydrate more than usual -- quite obviously, an airplane is a climate controlled environment, but did you know that the humidity is kept somewhere between 10-15%? That’s 3x drier than the Sahara Desert [2]. No wonder we’re all so dehydrated when we travel! Tip #1: drink plenty of water before (during and after) your flight. This also means you should avoid the alcohol as well.

  2. Pack a reusable water bottle -- this goes along with the above, but a great way to make sure you’re staying hydrated is to bring your own reusable water bottle, and fill it often! We are obsessed with this 20oz. Swell travel mug.

  3. Eat before you leave -- airport food sucks. It’s just a fact. Plus it’s expensive! Avoid the airport restaurants and newsstands and fuel up at home beforehand. Eat a meal with protein, healthy fats and leafy greens like this protein smoothie or a big salad.

  4. BYO-Snacks -- even if you’ve fueled up, you’ll likely be hungry and tempted to grab for the free snacks in-flight. This time, pack something healthier like apples, bananas, a packet of nut butter (this brand is our favorite), or some collagen powder for an extra boost of protein to keep you fuller, longer. Vital Proteins just came out with their holiday sampler pack, which is the perfect option for your on-the-go holiday weekends. For only $16, you’ll get 5 different stick packs - including three Collagen Creamer flavors (Mocha, Vanilla, Coconut), plus Collagen Peptides and Matcha Collagen. All the benefits of collagen can be found below!

  5. Walk as much as you can beforehand -- if you get to the airport early, opt for walking to your gate instead of taking the airport’s shuttle or moving walkways. You’re about to be pretty much immobile for the next few hours, so get the blood pumping now!


  6. Shut everyone else out -- if you’re traveling at night or want to grab a quick in-flight nap, don’t be ashamed of using earplugs and an eye mask. This set is only $8!

  7. Wear compression socks -- air travel takes a toll on your circulation. Okay so they’re not straight out of fashion week, but compression socks are fantastic at increasing circulation, thereby lowering your risk of blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) from occurring on a flight. Sure, the risk of these clots is relatively low, but it increases the longer your travel time. If anything, they can help reduce swelling in your ankles and feet, ensuring you’ll bounce off the flight feeling like yourself.

  8. Wear blue-blocking glasses -- hours of downtime often means hours of staring at a screen. Our phones, airplane TVs and e-readers are great ways to pass the time on a flight, but that blue light they emit is messing with your body’s natural sleep hormones. Wear blue-blocking glasses (there are a few cute, stylish brands out there!) and block the harmful blue rays that reduce your melatonin production. You’ll get to your destination and sleep so much better.


  9. Take your supplements -- not only are we in the height of cold and flu season, but getting on an airplane with a hundreds of other people means your immune system has to work in overdrive. According to Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, this “may lead to a quick depletion of your master antioxidant glutathione and a subsequent immune system crash. Vitamins A, D, and C, plus zinc and glutathione will help to keep your immune system strong.” We’ve been using Nano-Glutathione, a sublingual dropper that delivers this powerful antioxidant right into your bloodstream.

  10. Get outside...barefoot -- Seriously! Have you heard of earthing? It involves making direct contact between your feet and the ground. Here’s a quick breakdown of the science: our cells are made up of water that is negatively charged, but when we fly, this balance is disrupted. Hello, jetlag. When you hit the ground after a flight, you connect back to that negative charge from the earth, literally soaking it up. It helps to reduce any inflammation and neutralize your stress hormones [3]. We suggest doing a little outdoor yoga flow (barefoot of course) when you get to your destination!

We suggest implementing all of the above during your next trip, but even if you can start with one or two of these tips, you’ll land feeling refreshed and ready to rejuvenate during your time away!

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The Benefits of Collagen

  • Collagen helps restore the skin’s moisture, tone, and elasticity.

  • Collagen supports healthy digestion and restores gut health.

  • Collagen protein helps rebuild muscle, allowing your body to recover even faster after tough workouts

  • Thanks (or no thanks) to the Standard American Diet and the overwhelming amount of processed food we consume, our diets are significantly low in collagen. By supplementing with collagen powders, we are actively restoring and promoting collagen production in our bodies, which is absolutely essential to muscle and ligament health.

  • Vital Proteins is our favorite collagen supplement brand, as it is minimally processed and contains natural, clean-label products.


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