The Glorification of BUSY + Easy Protein Smoothie Recipe

You are enough. You do enough. You have enough.

How can you actively tune into that feeling of abundance, fullness, ENOUGHness (it’s not a word, but you get it). The glorification of being busy is so overrated. Instead of measuring our success by full calendars and fat bank accounts, let’s redefine what it means to be, do, and have enough. We’ve compiled a few tips for doing so in this blog post.

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FitCityFamily Features: Mimi & Eric of Delos Therapy

Today we’re uncovering a revolutionary treatment for chronic pain and muscle stiffness. Delos Wellness, based in Chicago, is changing the face of pain management. By focusing on stretching and relaxing the muscles, their doctors can alleviate pain that drugs, surgery or classic physical therapy can’t fix. Read more about their practice and how it could benefit you.

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FitCityFamily Features: Daryn Schwartz of The Space Between

Welcome to our #FitCityFamily Features Series! We are excited to introduce you to some of the names we love in the health and wellness sphere.

Our featured guests all share our passion for health, fitness, acceptance and affinity for building community. They are movers, shakers, & inspirers. And we think you should know who they are!

First up is our friend Daryn Schwartz, founder and CEO of The Space Between Yoga, Chicago’s newest yoga studio. She’s living out her dream of opening a yoga studio, but we’ll let her dish on all the details…

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Why You Should Cut Out the Milk and How to Switch to a Cleaner Creamer

If you're like many of us, we're willing to guess it took a cup of coffee or two to get you out of bed and ready to kick-start your day. There's just something about the coffee aroma on a weekend morning. How do you take your coffee?

Here’s why you should cut out the milk (yes, even that non-dairy stuff!) and switch to a cleaner creamer.

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